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The NFL has established itself as one of the most popular American sports today. There are so many games during tough regular season that only the strongest survive and make it down the road to the Super Bowl. Many teams feel they have a shot while only one can call themselves Super Bowl Champions. NFL football has set the bar high for athletes all across the United States. Many NFL fans from all over the world have made some serious money wagering on the NFL games during the season and playoffs. This is because so many online sportsbooks offer tons of lines to people all across the world. One of the most common lines you will see is the NFL point spreads line.

You can find NFL point spread lines at almost all the best online sportsbooks.

These bets at online sportsbooks can be confusing if you new to the sportsbetting game, but are very comprehensible with a little review on the fine points. When you first begin looking around for lines, you will definitely run into these spread bets. A common betting line on a NFL point spread will look something like this: Kansas City Chiefs (+14) vs. New York Jets (-14). Kansas City is the underdog with the plus sign while New York is the Favorite with the minus sign. If we decided to bet on the Chiefs in this spread bet, they could win or lose but by no more than 14 points. If we took the Jets on this bet, they would have to win by 14 points. The spread is made to even out the lines between two uneven teams. It essentially makes it harder than moneyline bets because you have to factor in the point differential.

Also keep in mind that some points spread may be really low. If you have two really parallel teams going head to head, you can count on the NFL football point spreads to be real close. It may look something like this: Denver Broncos (+2 ½) vs. San Diego Chargers (-2 ½). This spread is essentially a field goal for the favorite to win. There are so many lines available that you will run into both large and small spreads every week.

The best thing to keep in mind for gambling on the NFL when looking at large spread bets is can the favorite really beat the underdog by the allotted points? When you are reviewing smaller spreads, you basically have to look for the better team since the spread is so small.

Remember that a spread is subject to change after it is posted. Many smart bettors make a point to get their bets in early during the week in order to keep the original spread. Many aspects can affect a certain spread throughout the week. These can be such things as injuries, records, home field, streaks, and a few other stats that the oddsmakers will most certainly take into consideration.

It is also the bettor’s job to take these things and factor them into their bets. I cannot stress enough how important these are for accurate betting. Good luck at the books and remember to bet responsibly.

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